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One Sails

Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Ireland

"Sailpack is the most accurate and realistic software for sail design I have ever seen and used. It's very realistic and accurate in every information, gives the designer many options to check all the sails features reducing the possibility of mistakes. As soon as completely understood SP is a very powerful tool to design quickly production sail and accurately racing sails. Using the stripe picking module is very easy to realize that the flying shape is often very close to the design shape confirming the quality of the software. With the accuracy of the output also the floor work is reduced because there is no need to refine the curves. The continuos improvement made by BSG is also helping a lot to follow the modifications of the needs in a very dynamic market."

Dede De Luca

Pineapple Sails

Alameda, California, USA

"It is a superb tool that was written by people who obviously clearly understand sailmaking from knee pads to sewing machines to how to trim a jib sheet. There is overall respect (tolerance?!) for the independence (headstrongness / bull-headedness?!) that some sailmakers hold very dear. The software gives us the freedom to do everything.
Our business is 36 years old. We make sails for boats from 8 foot prams to 60 footers, monohulls and multihulls. We build cruising sails of dacron and spectra, and racing sails of aramid and carbon..
The tools provided for 3-dimensional modeling of sails are rock solid. As a sail designer, one has complete control over luff curves, leech curves, draft distribution, girths on the finished sail, everything. There is complete freedom for seam placement, and aligning the cloth on the computer mold..
In addition to 3D modeling of sails, there are tools to build 3D models of boats and rigs, so sails can be designed to fit into locations where we would just be guessing by any other method. In our case we have found this particularly valuable in classic cruising yachts with split rigs, looking for four-sided sails to set aft of the fore mast, and overlapping the mainmast... I can hardly imagine attempting some of these sails without the 3D model I was able to build of the boat. Each sail fit just perfectly. The 3D modeling of boat and rig also allows the development of asymmetric spinnakers with great precision, knowing where the clew will sit on the finished sail..
Thanks to you and BSG for creating SailPack. I am a very satisfied user.

Kame Richards

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