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SailPack AERO - Flow Calculation
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SailPack AERO - Flow Calculation
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  SailPack-Aero is a flow calculation tool that can be operated using the information provided from SailPack sail design software or using SailVision.


Using SailPack-Aero you can accurately visualize, the phenomenon of aerodynamic flow as it passes through the sail plan.

Function Highlights" />Function Highlights

 SailPack Aero Function Highlights

  SailPack-Aero makes a simulation of the flow effects on the sail plan in 3D. The sail plan is divided into multiple interacting “slices” (each “slice” having impact on its neighboring “slice”). The resulting data, giving a 3D image, is the outcome of these calculations.

  Using SailPack-Aero you will be able to increase, your field of investigation and be able to optimize your library of sail design moulds.

To carry out a flying shapes study the sailing parameters are recorded and synchronized with the image numerised by SailVision.

When connected with SailPack sail design software you can also create the same sail set-up through the rig module. You can access trimming according to the conditions you wish to study and the sailing parameters defined.

Possible combinations of input may include: apparent wind speed, apparent wind angle and heeling angle. (Another combination of input may be boat speed, leeway, heel angle and true wind angle/speed).
The software takes the wind gradient (twist) into consideration. SailPack-Aero simulates wind tunnel testing with the same results expected.

To control the quality of input we (BSG) have chosen a mathematical method to simulate the flow on the sail plan. The outcome of this method is to obtain valuable results to qualify the flow and the pressure field. (Note: The same data may also be used to quantify the pressure field, this is dependent on quality of input and degree of interpretation required).


" />Results


SailPack - Aero Results


SailPack-Aero is fast. Results are obtained within 2 to 4 seconds, allowing you to adjust your trim and shape in real time on both your rig module and your sail shape module.

The results may be viewed through the use of a fully interactive 3D graphic model (showing both high and low pressure as a separate surface) or interpreted through a results grid, including:


  • Lift Coefficient
  • Drag Coefficient
  • Driving force
  • Side force
  • Heeling moment
  • Area of reference
  • Fore & aft centre of effort position

Also shown are the detailed data results of each aerodynamic slice.

The graphic representation allows you the ability to easily see any quality of flow and identify possible stall or luffing zones. The vertical distribution of the pressure field is also shown.


{mospagebreak title=2D Study}2D Study

SailPack - Aero 2D Study


This tool is very useful in achieving a better understanding of the overall working and aerodynamic outcome of any given sail plan. SailPack-Aero allows you to study each slice in 2D. You can select any slice and modify the treatment of each sail including angle of attack.

The impact of any adjustment made on one slice of one sail can immediately be visualized on both sail profiles:


Commercial Value

The 2D and 3D application and graphics, within SailPack-Aero, are very useful to demonstrate flow and help show the previously “invisible” effect of flow. As a result, above and beyond the analysis value of SailPack-Aero is the strong commercial value of both the 2D and 3D graphics when used in any visual presentation (seminar) or lecture situation.

SailPack-Aero has been designed to be versatile and, with modification (wing/mast effect), able to be integrated with other software such as “Relax 2” structural analysis software.

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