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SailPack Viewer- its time you saw this.

SailPack Viewer - Sail Design marketing tool

With SailPack-Viewer your customer can load a single file with hull, sails and rig in an active 3D view. They are able to view from any angle with multiple rendering options (geometry, paneling and full description with finishing details), their personally designed sails.

Offer yourself a unique and major improvement in your communication with your customer, directly or through your sales network.

This presentation could be made available by CD or sent by email
You can purchase this option as an extension of your license. With it you will be able to create from any project, rig, or model a PPK file and then send this to your customer with a PPK reader (i.e. the "viewer"). This second software is free for redistribution - you can send to anyone, without limitation. New versions will also be available free, through this website.

To protect your design please note that the PPK file will not contain any readable information about shape, outline or geometry. In addition, if you choose, you can associate with this file a password and allow only your customer to read this PPK file. It will not be possible for your competition or non-authorized person the read this file and study your proposal in more detail without your permission via this password.

For more information, or if you are interested in purchasing the SailPack-Viewer, please contact contact

To download the EXE SailPack-Viewer file please click here... DOWNLOAD SAILPACK-VIEWER


SailPack–Viewer is designed to run in a PC environment using Windows 2000 (win2k) or higher (XP, Vista, Seven).
For Norton antivirus users: the downloaded file may raise a 'WS.Reputation.1' warning. We suggest you to turn off the 'Download intelligence' feature of Norton, for the time needed to download the file.


  1. Press the "open" button to load a "ppk" project file.
  2. To rotate, translate, zoom the 3D view of the boat or sail, use the two buttons of your mouse, with the "Ctrl" Key pressed or not



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