BSG Développements

We equip, support and guide the major players of the sailmaking industry.


SailPack - Sail design software

SailPack is an innovative sail design software that is both more productive and more accurate than any other software on the market. It is flexible enough in its design to follow the constant demand and evolution of the sail making industry.



Free sail-design presentation project viewer.


SailPack-KFSI, Fluid Structure Interaction calculation

SailPack FSI calculation is made in collaboration with the company K-Epsilon. It is the most advanced and accurate solution for FSI calculations ; a true scientific tool that will let you optimize your sail design…


Free simplified and user-friendly sail vision interface

SailCom - Sail order form & project viewer

An “all in one” and very powerful tool for the commercial team to communicate with the customer, to deliver accurate information about your product with a professional presentation and to communicate with the sail loft and study office all of the boat measurements and sail specifications with the finest possible accuracy.

Panel management & manual nesting software

NestFab Automatic nesting software